- doula


Traditional Morrocan Postpartum Doula: Depending on the extent of the support you need, doulas can assist with vaginal/cesarean recovery, healthy meal prep, breastfeeding techniques, breast pump/bottle feeding, soothing techniques, babywearing, and the baby’s first bath.


Birthing Support: Doulas offer support by phone in early labor and can come to your home or hospital to provide labor support as needed. During labor, we may suggest positions, massage, apply counter-pressure, hot and cold packs, encourage hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, as well as provide encouragement and reassurance to the new mom and her partner. The doula will stay with you about 1-2 hrs post-birth to help with the baby’s first latch and continue guidance until the first postpartum visit. Plus, I’m available through phone/email/text support for reassurance and to answer all the questions that arise in between our visits.


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